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Thank You Owner Builder Network!

Thank You Owner Builder Network!

August 18, 2009

I had originally heard about Owner Builder Network in an advertisement on the Tom Martino Show. Martino was a consumer advocate and people would call his show seeking help with consumer related problems and rip-offs. Martino had zero tolerance for those who cheated and were dishonest with customers and he would not advertise for your business unless he believed it was the up and up. The advertisement said if you could keep a schedule and balance a checkbook, you could build your own home. You could be the owner builder. My wife and I met on at least 3 different occasions with an associate of Owner Builder Network before we convinced ourselves we wanted to build our own home. Owner Builder Network had all the answers and they made building our home an enjoyable challenge. By being the owner builder, I was TOTALLY IN CHARGE AND IN COMPLETE CONTROL of the checkbook and all the hiring and firing. We built a one story 4,300 sq. ft. home, including a 3 car attached garage for about $57.00 a sq. ft. and saved approximately $100,000.00. Our savings was substantial because I did a lot of the work myself. These figures do not include the cost of the acre of land we built our home on or the concrete sidewalks and driveway. I would use Owner Builder Network again and I will recommend them to anyone desiring to build their own home. Honesty, integrity and customer service were a big plus for me.

Ernie Null
Southwest Montgomery County
Near Magnolia, TX