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How it Works

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You will partner with Owner Builder Network® like thousands of others since 1997. We will help you from the early planning stages of budgeting, land purchase, design, financing and through construction. You will be provided with an easy to follow building schedule, building steps, list of suppliers and subcontractors and an itemized budget.

Phase 1: Planning

Financing – Construction and permanent financing is available. Our partnering banks are willing to loan 85-90% of appraised value, to qualified buyers.

Land – Bring in information regarding your land situation. Be able to answer the following questions about your land:

  • Have you purchased your land?
  • What is the land pay off?
  • What is the current market value of your land?
  • Do you have a survey of the land?

This information will be helpful as we work through your preliminary budget. If you are in the process of purchasing land, be sure to discuss this with your Building Consultant. We have financing options available for land purchases.

Plans – Bring in your plans or ideas of what you want to build. This can be anything from a photo to a hand drawn sketch. We have designers that can help with blueprints.

Budget – Based upon your house plans or a preliminary floor plan and front elevation drawn for you by our designers, we will provide a job cost specific to your construction project.

Phase 2: Construction

Permits – You will apply for any required county or city permits. If you prefer, we have people on our subcontractor list that can pull permits for you.

Scheduling & Ordering of Materials – Our building steps and construction calendar are very helpful in guiding this process. As part of our fee, we will provide a Lumber Take Off (a complete itemization of all lumber needed for your project). This Lumber Take Off will level the playing field between the lumber companies as they will quote the exact same lumber package for your home.

Subcontractors & Suppliers – We have a number of requests from subcontractors to be added to our list each month and believe it or not... not everyone goes on our list. Our list of suppliers and subcontractors has a proven track record. You will accept the bids and decide who you want to hire.

Paying of BillsYou write the checks. You control the money. You manage the day to day scheduling of the job site. You will monitor the project along with your OBN Building Consultant. Don't forget your quality control is monitored by a third party inspector that works for you.

Remember, we are never more than a phone call away!

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