Meet Your Owner Builder Network® Team

Owner Builder Network® has been operating in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex going on 15 years. We have assisted over 1500 families to be their own builder over the years from the Red River to Graham to McKinney to Tyler to Waco and all points in between. Our staff combined has over 60 years of solid construction experience. At OBN, we strive to use our experience to help you address the changing times as they pertain to residential construction.

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Patrick Powers Patrick Powers, Co-Owner of Owner Builder Network® (OBN), has been with OBN from the beginning. He and his wife Amy and their family make their home in Mansfield in a home Patrick built through OBN!

Patrick came to love building through following his grandfather around as a young boy. As he grew older, he spent his summers working with his grandfather learning from his experiences as a builder. Patrick started his building career as a project manager balancing 50-70 homes per year. From there he moved into the custom home market and managed the construction of million dollar homes.

He and his current partner, M. L. Laughlin then formed their own custom home company for the next 6 years building homes in that "sweet spot" of 2500-3500 square feet of living area. Having worked primarily in the Houston area, Patrick and Amy were eager to return to DFW area to be nearer their family so he and M.L. dissolved their company and parted ways... or so they thought!

M.L. Laughlin M.L. Laughlin, Co-Owner of OBN, and Patrick had been friends and partners for a number of years.

M.L. initially had been the owner of a successful tile business in the Houston area and had become acquainted with Patrick through his work in the tile business. M. L. gave his tile business to his son, and began building homes with Patrick. When Patrick and Amy decided to return the DFW area, M.L. became acquainted with Owner Builder Network® in Houston. He was so impressed with the concept and idea that he and Patrick decided to join forces again and open Owner Builder Network® in the DFW area... and what's the saying? "...the rest is history".

M.L. makes his home in Burleson in a home he built through OBN!

Bob Powers Bob Powers, is a permanent fixture around OBN since the beginning as well.

Bob worked his first successful career at TU Electric in many positions. When he retired in 1997 from TU Electric, he held the position of Arlington District Manager. It didn't take long for Bob to find his groove at OBN where he is responsible for sales, consultation with clients in construction and the overall maintenance of the OBN budget documentation. Bob takes care of his clients day in and day out making sure they have everything they need to ensure they have a positive build experience all the while making sure to work in the "occasional" game of golf!

Bob and his wife Mary Jane make their home in Mansfield in a home Bob built through OBN!

Debbie Manning Debbie Manning was the 6th homeowner to build her home with OBN, signing up to build in 2001. She still holds the record for the fastest build time of three months and one week from foundation pour to move in!

She was a great reference for OBN in the early days and one day M.L. flippantly said, "You should go to work for us doing sales." Little did he know that she would still be around 12 years later!

Debbie loves working with the guys at OBN. She brings the gift of management and believability to the table since she actually did what she is selling to her clients! Debbie and her husband Rusty and their family make their home in Waxahachie in a home she built through OBN!

With all of the experience around the office at OBN, more than a combined 60 years, there is nothing we haven't seen. Any issue or "ditch" you find yourself in, we can help to pull you out. Debbie has been known to say, "I knew building a home was not rocket science. I needed to know what to do, when to do it, who to call and how much to pay." That is exactly what OBN provides. Over the years we have honed the building steps to be easy to understand and accurate for lay people. We formulate your budget and we have an amazing list of subcontractors who understand you are an owner who is also building your own home. Oh yeah, and don't forget, we are only a phone call away. Almsot 14 years ago the phone at the OBN office rang and it was Debbie Manning, her home was finished, there were no questions or schedules to discuss but she missed talking to the guys at OBN and was calling to check in! How many clients do you think do that with their builders at the end of their build jobs? Building with OBN makes you part of "The Family"!