Benefits of OBN

Beautiful New Home

Owner Builder Network® is ready to assist you in all aspects of the building process. We will help you build the home you want the way you want. Through our services, you will know what is going into the walls and who is working on your home. You write the checks to the subs and suppliers. This affords you control over the money and will give you peace of mind that your bills are being paid. We are your map through the maze of home building. You are in the driver's seat and we will point the way to assist you on your journey. Best of all, we are your safety net throughout the process allowing you to save the money that would be going into a builder's pocket!

Here are some of the many benefits of working with Owner Builder Network®:

  • You design the home the way you want. Truly custom. Owner Builder Network® has never built the same home twice.Our designers are very talented at helping you design with cost in mind while being sure to take into account how you will live in the home.
  • You are in control of the money. You write the checks.
  • You decide who you want to hire.
  • You know structurally how your home is built and that it has passed independent 3rd party inspections.
  • The interest on the construction loan is a tax write-off for you!
  • Some of the closing costs are a tax write-off for you!
  • If the tax assessor appraises your home for more than what you paid, you can contest this to lower your taxes.
  • Instant equity (based on market values).
  • Owner Builder Network® is a one-stop shop from design, budget, financing, reliable subcontractors, discount suppliers, to move in.
  • Most important! It feels like home the day you move in!
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