Regina K. from Katy, TX

September 28, 2017

We first met, Sheila (OBN) in 2001, where we purchased their OBN program. We were extremely happy with their program and services. Back in 2001, her OBN program was so easy to use and follow that we built our house in 3 months (start to finish). Because her program was so wonderful and detailed, that I decided to keep her info (binder/booklets), thinking one day I might need her again.

Well, today 9/28/17, I needed Sheila/OBN for some building information. I still had Shelia's business card but was thinking the phone number might have changed but, to my surprise it hadn't. I talked to Debbie (receptionist) and within minutes Sheila called me back (and she remembered me after 16 years). Sheila gave me the information I needed happily and without hesitation. I offered to pay Sheila for this valued information but she declined payment. It just reminded me once again why we used Sheila/OBN for their outstanding services.

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend OBN even after 16 years!

PS..I wanted to write a complaint to say, that my only complaint is that this company program works, Sheila/OBN knows the business in and out and is outstanding...that's my complaint!