Jim and Shelly C.

January 18, 2011

We have always known that we wanted to build our own home. It was important to us to control the costs, the quality of products used in our home and to also utilize our own skills where possible in order to help control quality and costs. We were excited to run across The Owner Builder Network. Starting the process of building was very intimidating simple because I knew little about all the different steps involved and because my husband's business was very busy at the time and I knew I would be doing a lot of this on my own. OBN helped to make our homebuilding experience much easier and it did not take long to feel like a pro. Once OBN helps to get the first couple of steps out of the way, you begin to feel confident that you can handle the job. Most of their subcontractors are very willing to take a few minutes and answer questions and educate you in their trade. The people either going through the building process or who have recently finished were also willing to share their experiences with you. In addition to the wonderful book OBN has made available, the people at OBN provide a wealth of knowledge and are interested in helping you and making this a positive experience for you. Because of the savings that we realized by going through OBN, we were able to have those hand scraped hardwood floors, the granite countertops, the better windows, and that 17-seer Trane air conditioner that was important to my husband. Building through OBN was an excellent experience for us that we just cannot say enough good about.