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Streamline Homebuilding with a Panelized Home

March 31, 2009

Streamline Homebuilding with a Panelized Home

A panelized home is one in which many aspects of the home are pre-cut and assembled in a factory setting before being shipped out to the job site. Roof and floor trusses, as well as wall panels, are the most common parts of a home that are pre-built in this fashion, though other aspects of a home can be addressed with panelized construction. There are a lot of reasons to choose a pre-fabricated home over traditional stick construction, including cheaper labor costs, saving on materials, faster construction times, guaranteed and reliable workmanship, and overall savings.

A Panelized Home Saves You $$$

One of the main reasons prospective homeowners choose panelized builders over traditional construction is the savings. Because the major framework of the home is measured, cut, and assembled in a controlled environment, there is less waste, less risk of lost labor time backtracking and correcting mistakes, and less risk of losing materials to weather damage or theft. And because panelized building makes the actual raising of the home so much simpler and faster, you'll enjoy reduced labor costs there as well. About the only place you'll pay more than with traditional construction is in transportation costs of the materials, since you will have to pay for the panels to be shipped by truck from the factory directly to the job site.

A Panelized Home Goes Up Faster

Another reason homeowners choose to build a panelized home has to do with construction time. Because the panels are pre-manufactured, the time between them arriving on-site and when your home is up and weather-proofed is drastically reduced. All panels are clearly labeled so that it is easy and fast for your contractor's crew to assemble them together properly. And you won't suffer from the domino effect so common in traditional stick building where one mistake or snafu can set off a series of other problems that will have to be addressed with new materials and more man-hours later on. In short, panelized homebuilding streamlines the process, guaranteeing that you'll be moving into your home sooner if you choose panelized construction.