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Before You Buy Land, Let Us Help You First

October 2018

Custom Home Builders have a vision of their dream home. That includes their land purchasing, their exterior and interior design and, of course, the construction of their home. Many home builders don't know the first steps to begin the process. So finding the right program and people to guide you and advise you is very important. The process of building your home is like have a part-time job but its so worth it at the end.

It's not surprising that people often start their new home journey with a piece of land their considering buying or have bought already. If you're considering buying, a few steps to know:

Step 1. Before purchasing you should have a job cost analysis done to carefully determine the assessment of the feasibility of land and cost to build.

Step 2. Look for land with no restrictions. Many subdivision developers don't want Builder of Record Programs.

Step 3. Land with restrictions may cost more to build, but the restriction requirements are very minimal.

Undeveloped land

Many people are attracted to undeveloped or raw land areas. The land can be beautiful, but an expense can occur when not you're aware. The cost of creating your dream home without an expert will break the bank if you are on a tight budget. Power lines, drilling for a well on a hilltop, distance from the street, when land is uneven becomes an upgrade charge for many homeowners who never considered some factors. So get an assessment done first, to an untrained eye; a piece of land may appear easily buildable, but may not. We've had two custom homes were our customers learned the hard way that ignorance can cost them, but knowledge is power. Our Construction Site Manager can advise you on expense before you purchase.

Developed Areas

Check with our Construction Site Manager he may know if the subdivision you are wanting to purchase has restriction requirements.

Some subdivision, for example, may let you build on your lot but do require you to have piers in your foundation. In extensive excavation work, which can be a requirement, and that can run you thousands of dollars.

Other Considerations as well to think about, including a complete understanding of the easements, zoning laws, property line restrictions, and architecture/designer guidelines.

Doing your homework in advance is wise. So, look for a great piece of land that fits your needs and budget. It's a free consultation, just give us a call 830-755-8808, we are here to help you!!