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Unusual things to do in Houston

June 2018

Source: Houston Builder

If you read my article last month, (thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to do so) you know that in my effort to depart from writing about the housing market where others excel more than I do, I am taking to the internet to find you things to do in our amazing city. While last month I introduced the culturally surprising "Walkable Houston," this month I scouted out more strange things to do in our fair city.

I came across 18 Cool and Unusual Things to do in Houston and I definitely have a wacky weekend schedule ahead of me now. What are some of the "Cool and Unusual Things"?

Buffalo Bayou Burp

Did you know you can make the Buffalo Bayou burp? Turns out one inventive artist placed an unmarked red button underneath the Preston Street Bridge. While creating a cultural buzz, he also allowed button pushers to become ecological partners with the infamous waterway.

Beer Can House

I have heard of the beer can house so many times in my Houstonian life but never visited. I now know John Milkovisch used beer cans he himself consumed over an 18 year period. That's a lot of hops!

Museum of Health and Medical Science

My personal favorite as a self-proclaimed nerd is the Museum of Health and Medical Science that features a 27.5 foot intestine...gross but cool!