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Roofing Company Cautions on Spring Dangers

Active Leaks

Active Leaks

If the wind shifts your shingles, you may notice stains on your ceiling or walls. If this occurs, you must contact a roofing repair company immediately. Several, like roofing companies, will provide free estimates.



Loose flashings or siding, corroded fascia boards and dormant chimneys are all opportunities for animals to escape the chilly, wet weather. Recurring noises, frequent thumps, or mysterious droppings, are all signs of an unwanted guest. If you know an animal is nesting, call wildlife services and then a roofer to up the entry point.


Loose and Broken Eaves

The buildup of leaves and other organic matter can cause your troughs to clog and overflow, damaging your structure and landscaping. Make sure all troughs are thoroughly cleaned at least once a year and check for loose brackets and screws.


Chimney Deterioration

Chimneys have to be inspected, particularly in older buildings. When temperatures dip below zero, it’s common for melt to trickle in-between the brickwork and then freeze and expand. This can cause leaks and damage. In the worst case scenario, your chimney could fall right off.


Membrane Separation

Tearing or peeling of the protective membrane can lead to serious issues underneath. If you notice either of these issues, it’s time to call a roofing company. “Though maintenance and repair, you can prolong life of you floor for several years. Although it can be tempting to ignore smaller issues, these often lead to bigger problems. It’s always best to preform small repairs before they turn into a full-fledged replacement job.”