More Heat = More Bugs

June 2018

Source: Community Impact Newspaper

The warm humid days will soon provide insects with new perfect conditions for population growth. Be ready to see the common, and some of the uncommon ones in the days ahead.

Earwigs will thrive in the mulched areas around our homes. They feed on tiny insects and decaying organic matter so mulched beds are perfect for them. The "pinchers" they have on their "butts" provide no threat. Although they may look menacing, they are harmless and simply a nuisance. Keeping mulch to a minimum around your home will help reduce harborage sites for earwigs.

Many different species of ants can enter our homes. Some aren't just a nuisance, some are dangerous. Fire ants don't stay in a yard, they will come in people's homes and sting family members. Some of the ants are simply unsightly, the Ghost Ant, Rover Ant, Pharaoh Ant, and Odorous House Ant (to name a few) aren't medically important but you still don't want them in your home. Carpenter Ants cause damage to the wooden structural members of your home and should be controlled quickly.

Help minimize ants by trimming trees and foliage around your home. Don't let limbs touch your home. Also, use the weed eater-tall grass around the foundation provides perfect living sites for lots of insects. Then there are the spiders - Black widows like dark, damp areas but they will take advantage of garage corners and weep holes too. Wolf spiders are the large, brown spiders that normally live in the yard, but I often find them inside homes, too. Be sure seals around doors and windows are in good shape.

It's amazing how small openings can be and still allow spiders to pass through. Overall - sanitation is the key. Keeping your home clean and the yard trimmed and meet will go a long way to reducing populations of insects and arachnids around you home.