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Preparing for an Emergency

Preparing for an Emergency

September is National Preparedness Month and the peak of hurricane activity. So now is a perfect time to prepare!

September 12, 2012

Storms can form quickly leaving little or no time to prepare. If you have time to prepare before a storm, there are a few items you'll want to gather to keep you and all family members safe. Prepare for a power outage and purchase food that won't perish quickly, pickup batteries (C and D batteries are the most common ones used for flash lights and portable stereo), and most importantly have water and ice ready. Make sure to have at least one gallon of water per person per day and don't forget about your pets! You can make you own ice packs or buy bags of ice to make food in your refrigerator and freezer last longer if your power goes out. To make you own ice packs, fill various sizes Ziploc bags 3/4 full of water and freeze at least 24 hours in advance. For insurance purposes take pictures of the inside and outside of your home. You should also take pictures of your car (s), boat, shed, pool, wellhead and any other equipment you may have. Back up all your important documents on your computer and keep a copy with you.

In case you have to evacuate pack bags for each family member and keep them close to your front door. Consider including the following: a change of clothes, medicine and any special dietary needs, first aid kit, flashlight, portable radio, your ID, back up disk with computer files, camera with your home photos, home and auto insurance documents, blankets and pillows.

For more information on preparing for a storm, see the following websites:

Centers for Disease Control
Environmental Protection Agency
Federal Emergency Management Agency