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Guidelines for Installation of Gas Meter

  • House line must be stubbed out 18 inches to the right of CenterPoint Energy service riser, as you face meter location. House line must be threaded and extended from brick at least 3 inches, but not more than 4 inches. House line stub out should be 30 inches above final ground level (allow for flower beds).
  • The standard location for the CenterPoint Energy Entex riser is 18" to the left of the house line.
  • Air conditioning units, electrical boxes, electrical outlets, dryer vents, down draft vents, post BBQ grills and pool equipment cannot be located within 3 feet of meter location.
  • Water outlets must not be located between service riser and house line stub out, which would position them behind the meter when installed.

Additional Information:

  • If necessary, get your plumber to stake the route for the gas line.
  • If an addition is being built on the property, (including hot tubs, decks, patios, garages, etc.), the customer cannot build on top of the existing underground CenterPoint Energy gas line. The line will need to be shortened, to clear for the addition, then extended / offset (if necessary) to the new plumber's piped location.
Guidelines for Installation of Gas Meter