Ryan Home

At Owner Builder Network, it is not uncommon to have conversations like this from prospective clients, “Can I do some of the work myself?, says client. “Absolutely! You can do as much of the work as you want to do on your project! After all you only have yourself to please” says OBN Consultant. That’s exactly how our conversation with Curtiss and Sarah Ryan began. Curtiss had specific ideas about how he wanted things done and he was very keen on building “sweat” equity into his project. Curtiss and Sarah did a great job – WE ARE VERY PROUD OF THEM! They utilized family favors and friends who had specific skills and Curtiss and Sarah filled in the gaps. Curtiss did the majority of the work himself and he did a great job. They had amazing equity upon the completion of the project and are very pleased with how everything turned out. Owner Builder Network allows clients to have the flexibility of doing some of the work themselves and using any subcontractors they want to use…on the flipside of that coin

Owner Builder Network has some amazing subcontractors who are eager to quote and work for our Owner Builder clients. Building with OBN is truly an avenue where you can build your house with many options regarding how it gets done. Be sure to fill out the Contact Us info and we would love to meet with you for a free consultation to hear about your dreams and tell you how we can help you to reach your goals.