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Owner Builder Network allowed us to provide exactly what our family needed. My husband had gotten a new job so we needed to move and find a home that would accommodate our family of eight. We looked for a long time to find a home in a location where we wanted to live and that was within in our budget and could not find one. We then met with builders but could never find one that was willing to allow us to complete some of the work ourselves so we could keep the square footage we needed within our budget. A friend mentioned to us that they had used Owner Builder Network in the past and thought it might be a good option for our family. We contacted OBN and had our first meeting with Debbie Manning. From that first meeting with Debbie we knew this was the right option for our family. We were willing to do whatever it took to have a home where our family could thrive, but we needed the support a company like OBN could provide. Owner Builder Network allowed us to take control of the building process and make the home of our dreams become a reality!

Having the experience of OBN and their connections at our disposal, made things easier to get the process started. David Winchester (OBN recommended designer) did a fantastic job designing our home. He listened to our wants, worked to accommodate our budget and helped us to design everything with the square footage our family needed. He was able to take our pencil sketches and provide the blueprints of our family's dream home. Once the prints were done, a budget was put together and finances (OBN recommended bank) were put in place we were ready to begin the building process!

Having the Building Steps, a budget and a list of vetted contractors to choose from gave us the confidence to move forward. We were able to determine where we wanted to save, change things without paying change order fees to a contractor, oversee the process and make sure that things were done the way we wanted them done. We CONTROLLED THE CHECKBOOK - WE WROTE THE CHECKS! We were able to look for savings in the products that we purchased or provide the labor we wanted to during the building process. Doing this allowed us to save and in turn put that money back into the home and not into a General Contractor's pocket book. There were many times that issues arose, as will be the case in any building project, and Debbie was able to help keep us on focus and provide the go between for getting things accomplished. She also provided the encouragement, wisdom, knowledge and know how in the building process that we lacked at times.

I would be lying if I said the process was a walk in the park. It was one of the hardest things we have ever done, but it was truly one of the most rewarding! Seeing our family thriving over the last six months in the home we built is priceless and having the large of amount equity we have in the home gives us peace of mind. We look forward to watching our family grow older and larger as our children grow up! We are grateful we were able to build the home they will come back to with their spouses and children.