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Products to Ensure a Well-Built Home and Personal Safety

At Owner Builder Network we are all about helping our clients to get exactly what they want in the building process. For many of our clients, that means they are looking for ways to save, be in control, and ensure their home is built to the best quality possible. Our recent Christmas storms experienced by many of our neighboring cities, have many people asking the question: "How can I ensure the survival of my home and the survival of my family should storms like this rip through our area in the future?"

There are many products and ideas regarding how to build safe rooms into the plans for homes that are in the planning stages. Over the years, we have had clients incorporate safe rooms underneath the slab in the garage, bolt safe rooms into the foundation and out-of-the-way corner of a garage, reinforce interior walls of closets with steel and concrete blocks along with a concrete ceiling, and we have even had clients design hidden gun safe closets – for storm protection as well as home invasion protection!

What about incorporating a generator into your wiring system in case of prolonged electrical outages? Yep, we have seen this done too! Do you need or want a water well? We can help with that too.

How do savings come into play with these items? Great question! You pay for materials and labor only for any and all products that you would like to build into your home. Would you like to use a Class 4 shingle or metal roof? Same thing applies here...you pay for materials and labor to install your selections. No upgrade charges with anyone making additional money off of your selections.

With Owner Builder Network, you are in complete control of everything that goes into your project. We will assist you to incorporate your desired specifications into your budget so you can know true cost. Give us a call today at 817-640-1951 or 214-373-3909 or fill out your contact info under the Get Started tab at www.OBNdfw.com. We are happy to offer you a free consultation with you to discuss your plans and we promise that from this meeting you will have enough information to decide if you want to Be Your Own Builder!