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Quality Products to use on Custom Built Homes

New products enter the construction market every year. Some stick around and some fall by the wayside. At Owner Builder Network, we are always looking for products that will give our owner/builders the "most bang for their buck" in both money and quality! Here are a few products that we believe do just that…they add value monetarily, structurally and they even add to the comfort factor of our clients' homes.

ZIP System Sheathing and Tape are taking the home building industry by storm. This product not only protects your project both short-term and long-term from the elements, but it also saves time by cutting down on the moisture barrier installation process. A two-man job of moisture barrier application just became a faster one-man job! Click the link to find out more information about the Zip System. There are certainly cheaper options that many production builders use to cut corners; but discerning consumers are looking for quality custom home builders who see the benefits of utilizing the Zip System.

Another product that is important for 2nd story construction is AdvanTech Flooring . AdvanTech Flooring has amazing moisture resiliency and stability. AdvanTech's use of moisture-resistant resin technology leads to excellent strength and stiffness; and all three of these characteristics together yield flat and quiet floors. Check out the link to learn more about the benefits of AdvanTech Flooring.

Tankless water heaters are all the rage these days! However, sometimes, a tankless water heater may not be the best option. Check out the GE Energy Star-qualified 80-gallon Geospring Hybrid Water Heater. It installs in the space of a 50-gallon tank, but is 69% more efficient. You can read all about it here!

Faucets are always fun to shop for during the construction process! For years we have used the touchless faucets and soap dispensers in public restrooms…now they are being made for our homes! Check out the new Kohler Sensate touchless kitchen faucet! Now moving through the cooking process can be more hygienic than ever!

What about countertops? Are you looking for some options to granite and quartz countertops? Take a look at IceStone ! This new countertop product is made of three ingredients: 100% recycled glass, Portland cement, and non-toxic pigments. This product is Made in the USA, free of petrochemical and plastic resins, Scratch and UV-resistant and carries a 10-year warranty!

So many options! If you want to avoid costly upgrade charges to get the unique products you want to enjoy in your home, Contact Owner Builder Network ASAP!