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Why Choose Owner Builder Network to Help You Be Your Own Builder?

These times…"They are a changin'"! This is a saying that has been around for a long time and certainly applies to the construction industry as a whole and for sure to the residential construction industry.

Owner Builder Network has been operating in the greater Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex going on 15 years. We have assisted over 1500 families to be their own builder over the years from the Red River to Graham to McKinney to Tyler to Waco and all points in between. Our staff combined has over 150 years of solid construction experience. At OBN, we strive to use our experience to help you address the changing times as they pertain to residential construction.

What are some of the main reasons we have had over 1500 families choose to be their own General Contractor while using Owner Builder Network? Savings, control, and quality are some of the first words that come to mind when I hear this question.

What are the savings that a potential client can expect to realize? You can expect to save the builder's fee when you work with Owner Builder Network to be your own builder. You can expect to NOT pay any upgrade fees and change order fees go by the wayside as well. Depending on your goals, we can steer you in the right direction that will help you to accomplish those goals. If your goal is to build quality at the most reasonable price, then we can help you to know your options and what the costs of those options are. Bottom-line, we have the knowledge that we can pass on to you to help you with those tough decisions and we want to assist you to get "the most bang for your buck".

How can I be in control of my project if I don't have the necessary construction knowledge? Boy!! Do we hear that question a lot! The OBN Consultant you are assigned to work with is committed to seeing you and your project through to the end. I promise you there will be more than one day where your thought is, "What was I thinking?!" but in the end, you will know where every dime was spent throughout your project and you will have incredible personal satisfaction with the completion of this task. As you trust OBN and your Building Consultant throughout the process to bring you to the completion of this task, you will join the ranks of many homeowners that could talk for hours and hours about the "birth" of their new home! Do your best not be "that obnoxiously proud parent"!

Quality brings many of our clients knocking at the Owner Builder Network door. These clients have often times built a home before with a custom home builder and want the opportunity to get their hands more involved in the process. A big part of what we do at Owner Builder Network is education regarding energy efficiency and structural quality. You have access to our knowledge base in these areas as well as a plethora of subcontractors that stand ready and willing to work with you as an Owner Builder. These subs want to make sure YOU are pleased with their work because REFERRALS TO OTHER OWNER BUILDERS are a huge part of their business. Many of our sub contractors have been with us since the early days of 2000 and survived the recession and are ready to get to work for you. Another big advantage to our clients, through Owner Builder contacts, is that they are able to leverage our buying power and get many nice upgrades without paying any upgrade charges that many builders charge. Oh yeah, what about change order fees and paying for changes before they are installed? That's right...no longer an issue when you are your own builder and project manager over your new custom built home!

The main things for you to remember when you are making your decision on which construction route to take to the completion of your new home are #1 you can leverage our experience, #2 our buying power, #3 our contacts, #4 our knowledge of construction labor and material pricing, and #5 our reputation. All of these reasons come together to assist you with the construction process that leads you to your new custom home while you realize substantial savings and quality that you will be proud of for years to come! Act now to leverage the market to your advantage.