Tim F.

January 18, 2011

I am very fortunate to have worked with The Owner Builder Network. With OBN's help, I am now the owner of a 4200 square foot home in one of the most exclusive, golf course communities in the area. The savings realized by building our own home allowed us to include significant upgrades throughout and still keep our overall cost well under the average for our neighborhood. We estimate that on the day we moved in, we had 40% equity in our home. We were also able to focus on energy efficient building techniques that have helped tremendously to keep our energy bills affordable. I was somewhat apprehensive at the beginning, mostly regarding time constraints, but soon realized that this process is a mixture of daily visits to the job site along with lots of 5 minute phone calls. I have a full time job and I was able to pull this off. When I needed a question answered, my Owner Builder Network consultant was always available and the contractors themselves were also very helpful.