Thanks Owner Builder Network February 17, 2011

February 18, 2011

We completed and closed on our house in October 2010. Just wanted to say how much we appreciated the help of Paul Artmann, Brad, Sheila, and Gayle. We built in Fayette County on 9 acres and they were usually a phone call away with answers to my questions. My husband was preparing to retire and I was pretty much on my own in building our house, lived in a RV on our property. Thanks to all of you, I know dealing with Subs and the local OBN representative in Victoria I had a few pretty grumpy/bad days but appreciate your patience. Appraisals are coming in very low in rural areas so thank God we didn't pay the square foot price that would have been charged by local builders. Our house has marble, 10 foot ceilings, 12X40 front porch, stainless appliances, hardwoood floors, Pex systmen, on demand hot water, foam insulation, hardy siding, custom alder cabinets, 2 stone fireplaces, and much more and we were able to build it for $83.00 per square foot. All quotes from local builders were $120's to $130's per square foot. Just know up front that you should take the advice to always pay 1/2 up front, hold at least 10% until you are totally satisfied with the job. If a contractor won't agree to that find someone else. It's hard to get them back if they have been paid in full. Get everything in your bid that you want included, think it through thoroughly. Anything left out will be additional charges that can pile up at the end. Get all forms signed up front. What OBN says about cheapest is not always the best is absolutely true. My favorite subs were: Kinsey Drywall-wonderful to work with, stuck to price, came back at end to repair damage to sheet rock at no extra charge, Aaron Carlin-beautiful cabinets and lowest bid, Tri-County AC/Heat-everyone is so nice, even though we are 90 miles from Houston, came back several times to handle small problems. Would highly recommend all of these. Would not recommend the electrician or plumber we used. Good luck to all of you, glad to talk to you if you want to hear about our experience or if we can help. It is a tough experience, don't let anyone tell you it's not but the end result is you get the house you want for a price you can afford.