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Budgeting for Appliances

Considering a new oven? A fridge to store those leftovers?
Running appliances come with certain costs. Here some common expenses to think about first:

Average annual maintenance cost:
$85 - $100; save money by checking hoses yourself.
Most common repairs:
Rubber door gasket replacement: $200 - $300
Lid switch failure on top-loading machine: $140+
Water inlet valve issues: $160+
Repair or replace?
If repair costs exceed $500, you might consider replacement options.
New washer:
Top-loading washers start around $350.
Front-loading washers range from $700 to $1,000.
Average annual maintenance cost:
$85 - $100
Most common repairs:
Coils: $170
Thermostats: $130
Belts: $180
Repair or replace?
If dryer repair costs go beyond $500, consider replacement options.
New dryer:
$400 - $1000
Average annual maintenance cost:
Most common repairs:
Ice maker failure: $275 - $325
Main control board failure: $260+
Clogged drain line: $109+
Repair or replace?
Depending on brand, consider a new fridge if repair exceeds $700. Also consider your fridge's age and past performance.
New fridge:
Average annual maintenance cost:
None. Everything on the stove is accessible. Keep it clean.
Most common repairs:
Igniter cleaning or failure: $110-$200
Broken control board: $260+
Bake element problems:$160+
New stove:
Average annual maintenance cost:
None. Keep it clean and clear of food debris.
Most common repairs:
Drain pump cleaning: $100-$300
Water inlet valve: $160+
Control board failure: 190+
Repair or replace?
Replace is there's rust, rot or corrosion, or if the repair equals or exceeds half the cost of the dishwasher.
New Dishwasher:

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