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Building Your Own Custom Home With Our Team

Owner Builder Network® - A team of experts helping you build your own custom home

If you are thinking about building your own custom home, there are some simple questions you should ask yourself, and some answers you should get before starting.

What are the reasons I should be an Owner Builder Network® customer?

In a word—Money! In another word—Control!

Let us talk about money first. There is no better way to build equity than to be an owner/builder—but the process will take more time and attention than having a general contractor. Therefore, in essence, you will earn your equity.

Builders are in the custom home business to make money. Nothing wrong with that—they work hard for their pay. In addition, the builder has to have lots of connections and resources to make the project come off smoothly. However, let us just recognize that a builder has to make a profit on the project. Otherwise, why do it?

So at the very least, when you build your own home, you will save yourself the "profit" that the builder has to plan into that job. You may also save yourself construction management fees and other markups that are simple part of the home construction system. If you are building a $400,000 home, at least 10% of that project is profit or construction management fees; maybe even more.

Through Owner Builder Network® we help you with the hard stuff. The design, finance, budget, contractors, bids through drywall and unlimited phone calls. We also do periodic site visits to monitor the work and money for you. Call today for a free appointment to sit with one of our consultants to talk about your new home.

Owner Builder Network

Value of staging

Not only can staging help seal the deal when a buyer is inspecting a home, but it can also get that buyer to visit the home in the first place. "Twenty years ago, people would drive by properties and read the paper and read ads and have to go look at them," says Brodnax. "Now 90% are looking on the Internet before they even get a Realtor to show them homes. So if you don't have amazing pictures of that property, people move that property to the I'm not even going to bother going to visit the home' list."

With social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook being used to post pictures of properties, staging takes on a new urgency as a home's presentation has a lot more at stake and its ability to sell can often hinge on a photograph.

Owner Builder Network

If you are talking to a builder and he gives you a price ask him:
Mr. Builder, Does your price include the following items in your square foot quote?

  • Dirt/site work
  • Permits
  • Surveys
  • Soil test
  • Engineered Slab based for site building area
  • Water well
  • Septic system
  • Engineered drawings and specifications for site building area
  • All cleanup/erosion controls/grade preparations
  • Change orders & upgrade charges
  • Loan, title, closing fees, taxes or other extra charges

With Owner Builder Network® it is.
When we give you a total price quote, all is included.